Why You Need to Do It

As a progressive business owner or resident with sustainability in mind, Organico will help you do your part in getting down to the ultimate goal of zero waste. But if altruism alone isn’t a motivator, the fact is that the Capital Regional District Board is proposing a landfill ban on organic waste for the commercial sector for 2012 (and it’s being considered for all residential properties for 2013).

So, rather than wait until the last moment, let Organico help get you ahead of the game on organic waste collection. Chances are, once the landfill ban is implemented, local service providers will raise rates substantially and it will be difficult to find a service provider who isn’t overloaded with new contracts. As a pre-existing Organico customer, we hope to repay the loyalty of our clients with rates that are a bit more competitive than those who wait until the landfill ban is in effect.

What Does it Cost?

We have estimated that a typically popular Victoria restaurant would fill two 240L bins twice per week. At a hauling cost of $25 per bin, that’s $400 per month. While that may seem like an added expense, you will also be diverting that waste from your garbage bin, resulting in lower costs for your garbage collection.

While it doesn’t exactly net out, you can take pride in the fact that you are taking steps to running an environmentally sustainable business. As well, once the impending landfill ban on organic waste is implemented in 2012, you will be ahead of the game!

Typical Victoria Restaurant:

Average hauling costs for garbage, cardboard/mixed paper and containers: $1,000
Average cost to have Organico haul your organic waste: $400
Average savings by not having as much garbage to haul ($250)
Total hauling costs $1,150
Difference of +$150