What if I have too much material for my bin?

If you have too much organic waste to fit in your bin you can call us and we will do our best to come collect your food waste off-schedule, on the fly. The last thing we want is for you to throw your organic waste in the garbage, so call us first!

What if my bin isn`t full?

No problem! Our scheduled collection program means that you don’t have to worry if your bin is full or empty! We will be there to provide a clean, power-washed bin for your convenience!

Can I use a bag?

Yes! There are several bags and bin liners available on the market. Please note that the bags/liners must be biodegradable AND compostable. Popular brands include Biobag and can be purchased at local grocery and hardware stores. Remember to look for the Biodegradable Compost Institute logo to ensure you are purchasing bags that are approved for this composting system.

Or consider using paper bags that you get from your grocer or larger kraft paper bags from your local hardware store or food service supplier.

So my food waste is just supposed to slop around inside until I take it out?

Remember, this is already waste that you would be disposing of anyway. True, the lack of a plastic bag makes it a bit trickier; however, most food preparation waste and leftovers do not have a lot of wet content in them – usually, food gets wet as it begins to decompose. Regularly emptying your indoor bin will make it quick and easy to keep things clean. Besides, most dishwashers’ closing duties require them to spray out the garbage bins nightly!

What about animals getting into my bins?

You were already putting food scraps outside in your garbage, now you’re just putting them in a different - and more secure - bin. If you’ve had issues with animals getting into your bins, here are some tips to help prevent that:

  •     Keep the yard and food bin in your garage and put it out in the morning—not the night before
  •     Wrap fish & meats with newspaper
  •     Store scraps (especially fish & meats) in the freezer until collection day