Who We Are

Organico Waste Recovery Systems is an exciting new organic waste collection company, focused on helping you or your business meet your organic waste recycling needs. Organico is locally owned and operated, with 100% of the labour, land and product staying within the Capital Regional District. Together with our strategic partner Foundation Organics, we are committed to keeping as much organic waste out of the landfill as possible and repurposing it for local use as fertile, nutrient-rich compost.

Organico Victoria

What is Organic Waste?

Organic waste typically originates from plant or animal sources and can be biodegraded by other living organisms. Or put more simply, organic waste is the kitchen scraps, leftovers and yard waste that we throw out every day...which finds its way into our landfills. Did you know that over 30% of what you put in your household or commercial garbage bin can be turned into fertile, nutrient-rich compost?

Rather than sealing it in plastic garbage bags waiting for it to decompose in a landfill over the course of several hundred years, Organico can collect your organic waste and divert it to a processing facility that will turn it into fertile, nutrient-rich compost.

Would you rather have your waste rotting away underground or used to help the next generation of locally-farmed produce?

What We do

Here’s what Organico will do for you:
  •     Determine your organic waste collection needs
  •     Provide you with materials to help educate your household or staff
  •     Pick up your organic waste on a schedule that fits your needs and leaves you with a clean, freshly power-washed collection bin

And we do this as sustainably as possible. As a local business committed to the Triple Bottom Line way of doing business, maximizing profits isn’t our only goal. We are committed to doing business in a sustainable manner. That means parterning up with a local compost facility, like Foundation Organics, to keep fuel costs down. Foundation Organics also uses one of the largest biofilters on Vancouver Island to ensure that the gases created from composting don’t get out into the atmosphere. We also hire locally and pay a fair wage and benefits to our employees.